New main page

August 8, 2006

Hey all. I have a story to tell you about Subversion and firewalls, but it will have to wait for tomorrow as I am dead tired.

But, I did want to share with you the fruits of my last thirty minutes or so. I have produced a new main page for This is going to grow into place for me to put all sorts of things I want to share with the internet.

I moved my lisp talk materials under a new directory where I will be putting all of my presentation materials.

I also created a place to put code. In there I’ve put J3TestCase: a wrapper arount OCUnit . It makes it behave more like the xUnit frameworks I’m accustomed to, ObjcUnit in particular. Just drop the two files into your project where ever you want, and you can use the class to descend your test cases from.

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