Takin' Care of Business

May 31, 2005

So, Erica and I have both been feeling a little constrained in our apartment. It’s a studio apartment, and we have a lot of stuff. Granted, the whole reason we moved into a studio was to force ourselves to get rid of a lot of stuff, and we did. But now we’ve got lots of stuff we want to keep. Not to mention, the apartment is small. So, when our lease is up this fall, we may consider moving.

But, we’ve been renting for five years, and don’t really want to continue. I want a yard that I can grill in without having to drive out to the state park. Erica wants a basement she can setup as a photo studio. And, we’d both like to be secure in the knowledge that we aren’t throwing our money into a black hole every month. So, we are looking into buying a house.

Now, the first step we’re taking in this endeavor is fixing our credit. Or, rather, fixing our credit reports. Our credit isn’t stellar, but at the same time, what the credit bureaus are saying about us isn’t exactly true. As I write this, Erica is making phone calls to creditors that we’ve never heard of before and getting things straightened out.

One thing is for certain, we’re not rushing into this. We’re staying in the apartment until the lease is up, which gives us all summer to shop for houses and financing. I fully intend to look around at least five houses that I won’t buy, if not ten, before I get really serious about buying. With school and all, we’ll have to start looking early.

Stay tuned for more as it comes along.

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