"Step Three: Make an Offer"

August 3, 2005

You might be wondering what happened to steps one and two. Step one is: decide you want to buy a house and learn some things about it. We already did that, and I didn’t muster the gumption to blog about it. Step two is: look at houses and find one you really like. We just did that this last week, and once again, I’m a lazy bum and didn’t blog about it. So that brings us to the step that we just completed and that I am blogging about.

We went to look at our house again (a very cute, two story house in Benson) today with Nate and Erica’s Mom. They both loved it. So do we. So, we went over to our realtor’s office right away and signed our life away initial offer. We should hear back on the offer by tomorrow around 1700, and we’ll take it from there.

Exciting times these are.

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