"Step Four: Sign the Contract"

August 4, 2005

I’m trying to blog more, so here’s an update on the house. We got a counter- offer last night and had negotiated to an agreement we all liked by 1100 this morning. By noon they had signed it and I had signed it and it was all locked in. We got them to agree to sell us the washer, drier, and some furniture we liked (on top of the other appliances they were already planning to sell us). It’s so exciting. Now all the real work begins (including the cashflow management to make sure we have the money to pay things when we need to up until closing).

We put the closing date at September 15th, so we should have two weeks to move in after we close. We’ll be moving during school, but it’ll be before it gets cold. Altogether, a good deal, I think.

I’m so stoked.

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