Core Data

August 6, 2005

A week ago I read this presentation by Wil Shipley (of Omni and Delicious Library fame). It has inspired me. I’m going to write a Cocoa program that does something useful and then sell it.

Cocoa is fantastic. It makes things so easy. The best part is, Apple is always making things easier for developers. One of their latest technologies, Core Data, makes things orders of magnitude easier for developers. I just put together a prototype in under two hours (most of which was poking around documentation since I’m new to using Core Data). I had to write maybe ten lines of code, and that’s because I was doing something a little out of the CD paradigm. That code will probably go away soon.

My application already knows how to serialize its data, with zero lines of code from me telling it how. It knows how to add and remove records from a collection and refresh the UI for it, with zero lines of code. Core Data and Cocoa Bindings are just awesome.

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