Rails Talk

September 13, 2005

I gave a talk about Ruby on Rails at the Omaha Smalltalk User Group tonight. It went rather well. I’ve posted my slides for anybody that would like them.

The talk was mostly focused on the Ruby for Smalltalkers portion, but that was largely because Rails made my demo go so fast that I had to find something to fill the time with. It was kind of fun, actually, showing everybody around the Todo project I had made. I haven’t really done any serious railing since version 0.10, and a lot has changed since then. So it was just as exciting for me to open up some of the files and see how they did things as it was for the rest of the group.

I’ve been so busy lately taking classes and buying a house, so I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked to be. But, everybody seemed to enjoy the talk and take away something valuable from it, so I’m happy with the talk. I really enjoyed it, and I think I’m going to try and do more things like this.

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