Okay, so maybe not so drastic

February 27, 2006

Having made my declaration of goals yesterday, I did some thinking. I’m really looking forward to my dietary changes. I’m also really looking forward to the regular blogging.

As she always does, Erica found me some reading about polyphasic sleep. Now keep in mind, she’s the one that seeded the idea in my head to start with. Upon reading these articles, I am still incredibly curious to see how it would be. However, I think that it will be more practical for me to simply work on being an early riser and perhaps take a nap in the afternoon: biphasic sleep.

I’m going to replace the polynapping goal with a different one, and I’ll start it the same day: get up at 5AM every morning.

Now, there are a number of things that will contribute to this goal. First, I’m giving up caffeine. This is part of the Atkins diet, but it certainly won’t harm my sleep habits. In fact, I started going caffeine-free today, since I know I can do it whenever I choose (I’ve done it before, caffeine is always a conscious choice). I’m certainly feeling a little more weary tonight than I would had I had my coffee and cola today, but I will go to bed sooner and feel rested in the morning.

I might revisit the polynapping again sometime in the future when I’m self- employed (that’s a goal of mine, you know).

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