Crochet Fun

March 3, 2006

Erica started crocheting again. She’s pretty excited about her projects. I am too. She’s really starting to make some nice things. Aside from the hats, she’s working on an afghan pattern that came on the yarn we bought at Wal-Mart it’s really neat.

I’ve known how to crochet since I was ten or so. Back then I pretty much just made hot pads and trivets. Lots of squares. But, it was fun and I felt crafty. Then, a few years back, when Erica and I both had phone jobs in Colorado, we both decided to crochet scarves for each other. We never finished them, but it was really fun. We’d be sitting there crocheting while we did internet tech support. It’s soothing.

So, seeing Erica get all excited about making pretty things out of yarn, I decided I should pick up a project too. Naturally, I decided to start big: 36 square feet of afghan. I’m using a nice double-crochet chevron pattern and it’s looking quite nice. Right now it’s about six feet by eleven inches. I’ve only got 61 inches to go before it’s square. I should have it done by the time fall rolls around.

I really enjoy crochet because it’s something I can do that requires skill but not a lot of thinking. When I come home from work and class, my brain can sometimes get pretty fried. So having an activity that I can do that is effectively brainless but that still lets me make pretty things, is awesome.

I’ll be sure to get Erica to post pictures of my afghan when it’s done.

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