Of Grills and Receptacles

March 5, 2006

I got a lot done this weekend. Getting up at five in the morning really has a lot to be said for it. I really got a lot done.

Tyler and I are planning to set up our servers in my basement, but there wasn’t any power for it. So, I’ve been planning to put in a circuit for a while. But, every weekend would come along and I would sleep in and I wouldn’t go get the hardware. So, I’d put it off again. Yesterday I finally went to Lowes, and I got all of the stuff I needed.

Naturally, I ended up going back to Lowes today as I was wiring together the receptacles (that’s the fancy electrician’s word for an outlet), so that I could get a couple of things I hadn’t bought on the first trip. This time I brought Erica with me.

When I take Erica to stores she can’t help but look around. She has to look at everything in the store. This time it was grills. Now, I can get behind that. I like grills. I want a grill. So, well, I bought one. It was an adventure getting it home, but now it’s back on my deck. We just have to get MUD to come out and install the gas hookup for it, and then I’ll be grilling all the time.

I’ve got the wiring project mostly done. All I have left to do is mount the board with the receptacles on the wall and then install the breaker in the load center (fancy word for a breaker box). Assuming I can follow instructions, I should have four shiny new outlets in my basement.

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