A To Do List

March 7, 2006

This will be the first of two posts today, as I forgot to post yesterday. Following in Erica’s footsteps, here is my to do list.

Before Spring Break:

  • Graph Theory homework (due Thursday).

  • Analysis homework (due Thursday).

  • Review analysis material for exam on Thursday.

  • Review graph theory material for quiz on Thursday.

  • Work.

  • Ben Folds concert.

During Spring Break:

  • Install the circuit I built.

  • Narrow down the topic for my Graph Theory paper.

  • Read the material for that paper.

  • Write that paper.

  • Prepare material for a Mage game that I may or may not run in the future.

  • Crochet a few rows on my afghan.

  • Sleep, and get up at 0500 every day.

  • Blog every day.

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