Watching the flames

March 9, 2006

When we bought this house, we made sure to ask for the cast-iron chiminea that the previous owners had. They let us have it (along with a lot of other stuff). That was back in September. We were very excited because it was still the right season to burn the chiminea, but we never did.

Tonight we had company over and since the weather was nice enough (I look at the weather widget and see it’s only 4 degrees above freezing, I guess I have a weird definition of nice enough) we decided to eat out on the deck and start up a fire. The wood was wet, although imperceptibly so, as it had been in the chiminea since the aborted attempt at burning back in early November. But, after a bit of work, I got a nice fire going.

Three hours later, I’ve finally come in from the deck to go to bed. It was enjoyable watching the fire burn down. I forgot how much I enjoy watching the flames dance back and forth. Watch the glow of the wood as it sits there and smolders. The smell of the smoke from good wood. The (little bit of) radiant heat. It reminded me of my Boy Scout days just a little.

We’ll be burning a lot this spring.

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