Grills and Receptacles, part Deux

March 12, 2006

Two weekends in a row this has been the topic du jour. It’s like grilling and electrical work go together. Like chocolate and mint, or swearing and hockey.

This afternoon I had the house to myself for a blessed hour and a half. I took that golden opportunity to shut all the power off in the house and install my new circuit, and it worked! Well, after a little coaxing. Once the breaker was installed and I turned the power back on, I discovered I had miswired one of the receptacles. They are all GFCI receptacles, so they just wouldn’t reset the right way. A little work and I got it all taken care of. So I’ve got more power in my basement and the server migration is ready for phase two: getting the nice internet pipe in the basement.

Today also illustrated for me just how nice having a natural gas grill out on the deck is. I can go out there, fire it up and throw down some food any time I want. If it’s smoky, the main floor of the house won’t get filled, and all of the food has that delicious flame-licked taste. I made burgers, salmon, and garlic bread on the grill today. I’m of the opinion that most everything is better when cooked over actual fire.

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