Intro to Lisp

July 26, 2006

Right now I’m in my hotel room in Minneapolis. I’m here for Agile 2006 because my work sent me. Joe went into how we are all lucky bastards. I may blog more about the conference, but maybe not.

I’ve been spending most of the week writing lisp code. I’m giving a talk next Tuesday (August 1st) at the ODYNUG meeting. It’s an introductory course on lisp. I’ll be covering some history of lisp, a programmer’s guide to the language, and then some practical examples. We’ll even write some code together.

The location and time is at the link above. If you have a laptop with wireless, bring it. There is no projector, but I will be sharing my desktop via VNC. I will also post all of my code up here on my website after the talk.

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