For those about to base32

June 7, 2007

I’ve scribbled this down so many times, I thought you all might want to benefit a little from my troubles.

|0000 0|000 11|11 111|1 2222| 2222 3|333 33|33 444|4 4444
|0000 0|111 11|22 222|3 3333| 4444 4|555 55|66 666|7 7777

That is a chart to help understand how five octets turn into eight base32-encoded bytes. It should be fairly self explanatory, but when I say that, I’m always wrong.

The top row is the octets. I’ve each group of four represents four bits, and the numbers represent which octet it is. The bottom row represents the quintets, with the same numbering scheme. I spaced the digits the same, so you can see how they match up. The pipes are nice visual borders.

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